Long Tail Boat & Tuk-Tuks

Long Tail Boat

Often called the workhorse of the Andaman Sea, long tails are used to provide a number of marine services. While not as flashy or fast as modern speedboats, a voyage in a long tail boat is an interesting experience and a great way to take short sightseeing trips?

The ubiquitous long tail boat is found wherever there is water in southern Thailand. The current version with the motor mounted on the back is the latest modification on this ancient but quite seaworthy craft.

The one serious disadvantage of the long tail is the almost complete lack of safety equipment such as life jackets. Long tails are not advisable while travelling with small children or non-swimmers.

Average rental prices (for reference only):

1 Hour 100 THB
Laem Sing Beach (1 way) 600 THB
Surin (1 way) 1000 THB
Patong (1 way) 1000 THB


Tuk-tuks are plentiful in Patong and Phuket Town, although when travelling to many areas in the north or south part of the island you may need to some negotiations with the driver for the best fare due to shortage of tuk-tuks that shuttle offer return journeys. Depending on the distance, it usually start at around ฿100-200 per hour.

It is not recommended to opt for tuk-tuk drivers like double as travel agents. They will usually only take you to a place but you will end up paying them an additional commission over and above what they have overcharged you for the ride.

Average prices for a tuk-tuk ordered from the hotel (for reference only):

Surin 300 THB
Kamala 200 THB
Patong 400 THB
Laem Singh Beach 250 THB

The rate is by distance and not by the number of passengers. If the driver wants to charge you by the number of people, wave him on and catch another.
• The polite way to stop a songthaew or tuk-tuk on the street is to hold your arm out in front of you, palm down and make a up and down motion.