* Medium Spicy
** Spicy
*** Very Spicy
(V) - Can be prepared vegetarian


  • Po Pia Thod - Crispy fried vegetable spring rolls 145 THB
  • Gai Jow Tod - Deep fried chicken dumplings 145 THB
  • Satay Gai - Chicken meat skewer served with peanut sauce and pickled vegetables 145 THB


  • Som Tam - Traditional spicy green papaya salad 135 THB
  • Yam Nuea - Thai spicy beef salad 165 THB
  • Yam Talay - Thai spicy seafood salad 165 THB


  • Tom Kha Gai/Talay* (V) - Classic Chicken or Seafoods coconut milk soup 135/175 THB
  • Kuai Tiao Gai/Goong (V) - White or Yellow noodle soup with Chicken or Prawns 155/185 THB
  • Tom Yam Gai/Goong * - Clear spicy Thai soup with prawns and lemon grass 135/175 THB
  • Tom Yam Talay * - Thai spicy clear soup with seafood and lemongrass 175 THB


  • Khao Phad Gai/Nuea/Goong
    Fried Rice with
    Vegetables 125 THB
    Chicken/Pork 135 THB
    Prawns 185 THB
  • Khao ob Sapparod (V)
    Baked pineapple filled with fried rice topped with seafood, cashew nuts and shredded chicken 185 THB
  • Kui Tiao Phad Sie Iew (V)
    Fried noodles with egg in soya sauce with
    Chicken 135 THB
    Beef/Prawns 185 THB
  • Phad Thai*(V)
    Stir Fried Noodles with
    Chicken 155 THB
    Prawns 185 THB

Phad Mee Phuket (V)
Yellow noodles with seafood and egg - Phuket style 175 THB

  • Panang**(V)
    Thai Red Curry with
    Chicken 155 THB
    Prawns 215 THB
  • Gang Khew Wan**(V)
    Green Curry with
    Chicken 145 THB
    Prawns 215 THB
  • Massaman*
    Thai Curry with potatoes and peanuts
    Chicken 155 THB
    Beef 215 THB
  • Gang Karee Gai*(V)
    Yellow curry with Chicken in Coconut Milk 145 THB
  • Phad Prew Wan(V)
    Stir fried in sweet and sour sauce
    Chicken 145 THB
    Beef/Prawns 215 THB


  • Tod Kra-Tiam Prik Thai
    Fried garlic & pepper with
    Chicken/Pork 155 THB
    Beef/Prawns 215 THB
  • Phad Med Ma-Muang*(V)
    Stir fried cashew nuts & chili with
    Chicken 155 THB
    Prawns 215 THB
  • Phad Ka Phrao**
    Stir fried Basil leafs with
    Chicken/Pork 155 THB
    Prawns 215 THB
  • Phad Krueng Gang***
    Very spicy red curry and green pepper with
    Chicken 165 THB
    Beef 220 THB
  • Phad Phak Ruam (V)
    Stir fried assorted vegetables with oyster sauce
    Vegetables 135 THB
    Prawns 215 THB
  • Thod Kra Tiam Prik Thai Gai/Goong/Nuea
    Garlic Pepper
    Chicken 165 THB
    Prawns 205 THB
    Beef 260 THB
  • Goong Chup Pang Tod(V)
    Deep fried tempura prawns served with dip sauce 215 THB
  • Nuea Phad Nam Maan Hoi
    Wok fried sliced beef with oyster sauce 215 THB
  • Goong Phad Nam Ma-Kharm
    Stir fried Prawns with tamarind sauce 215 THB
  • Pla Tod Kra-Tiam Prik Thai
    Deep fried fish with garlic & pepper 445 THB


  • Aloo Matar - Indian curry with potatoes and chickpeas served with Naan bread 220 THB
  • Dal Makhani - Traditional Indian dish of lentils and butter served with Naan bread 220 THB



  • Coke, Coke Light, Sprite, Fanta Orange 50 THB


  • Mineral Water 45 THB
  • Evian Water 80 THB
  • Soda Water 50 THB


  • Apple, Grapefruit, Mango, Pineapple, Tomato, Young Coconut 80 THB
  • Fresh Orange Juice, Fresh Lime, Lime Soda 110 THB


  • Apple, Honey Melon, Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon, Lime 110 THB


  • Banana, Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla 120 THB


  • Chang Beer 80 THB
  • Leo Beer 80 THB
  • Singha Beer 90 THB
  • Tiger Beer 90 THB
  • Heineken Beer 100 THB


  • Cabernet Sauvignon Glass/Bottle 220/1,100 THB
  • Chardonnay Glass/Bottle 220/1,100 THB
  • Shiraz Glass/Bottle 220/1,100 THB
  • Sauvignon Blanc Glass/Bottle 220/1,100 THB
  • Rose Wine Glass/Bottle 220/1,100 THB


  • Coffee/Tea 70 THB
  • Espresso 70 THB
  • Espresso Double 90 THB
  • Café Latte 80 THB
  • Cappuccino 80 THB
  • Iced Coffee/Iced Tea 80 THB
  • Iced Coffee Latte 90 THB
  • Vienna Coffee 100 THB
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